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Full Race TrimTM

Full Race Trim isn't a thing or an auto parts shop, although it certainly could be such a great brand. No, it's the description of a hard charging race car and it's driver bearing down on the leader.

As a vehicle approaches speed its areodynamics start coming into play. The air vents start delivering more forced air directly into the fuel mixture. The force of air as it is channeled over the front air damn sucks the front of the car down to the road giving the the front tires greater grip. As the surrounding environmental air advances around and flows through the racecar its force drags along the larger mass of the tail and wing to create even more downforce and punches the massive drive tiles tighter on to the track surface.  The motor roars like a beast in battle.

When all this happens, you have a racecar slicing the air at Full Race Trim.

This is True Beauty

Beauty under power. The professionals make it look so easy. The McLaren MP4 C-12 makes it comfortable, even reassuring. Designing ease and safe comfortability in the sensually intimate and delicate precision control of raw beastly power to gain a competitive performance advantage. The intelligent design of thrilling beauty.

McLaren MP4 C-12 GT3 at Spa 24 Hours.

You thought they had perfected the driver's supercar when McLaren announces the GT3 version.  It's made to win and be an economical alternative to just about anything out there.  And guess what?  You can drive these to the race track, too.  I thought those days were gone, but no longer.

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